Company Profile

Good Rich Stainless Steel Co., Ltd was established in 1992 by Mr. Mike Chen. We specialize in manufacturing heat-resistant stainless steel tubes include 409L/ 436L/ 439L/441 and etc. These tubes are welded and perforated for the usage in automobile/ motorcycle exhaust systems. Automatic technology and strict quality control are essential in the production of stainless steel welded tubes according to professionals in the automobile industry.

Throughout the years, Good Rich has expanded overseas and built a solid reputation in the international market. Our customers are based in Australia, USA, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, South-East Asia and etc. With over a decade of experience, our products have achieved great success overseas.

Good Rich aggressively expands our capacity, controls quality. Currently, we equip ERW and TIG machines. In the global trend for lighter and smaller products, Good Rich has continuously improved our product's quality. we have developed sophisticated inspection/ production equipment to provide customers with high quality products. As technology advances, Good Rich is well prepared to face all challenges that lie ahead.

In 2010, Good Rich set up a branch in order to diversify the business, we became Japanese famous confectionary brand, YOKU MOKU’s authorized exclusive distributor in Taiwan. We establish a flagship store in Taipei and set counters in leading department stores. Based on consistent spirit of providing our clients the best service and perfect products, YOKU MOKU had become the represent of high-end gift and nominated brand as wedding ceremony cookies in Taiwan.

Good Rich will persist in “the best quality, excellent service and constant fabricating principle”to offer best products and service. In addition, we make efforts in social welfare by providing the benefits to employee, the scholarship and grant for local students. The concept of social responsibility and sustainable management is our corporate culture. “Maintaining the social responsibility and sustainable management “is our corporate culture.

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  Company History
  In 1992: Good Rich Stainless Steel was founded by Mr. Mike Chen & Ms. Tina Lin and mainly specialized in producing stainless steel tubes for automobile/motorcycle exhaust systems.
  In 1993: Developed the technology of stainless steel perforated tube for automobile/motorcycle muffler.
  In 1994: Good Rich became the official supplier for Nissan-Taiwan.
Good Rich became the official supplier for Honda-Taiwan.
  In 2000: Developed the international OEM market.
  In 2002: Good Rich became ISO 9001 certified and the official supplier for Toyota-Pakistan.
  In 2005: Good Rich has become long term buyer of Japan JFE & NSSC steel.
  In 2006: Developed ERW (High Frequency) line.
  In 2007: Good Rich became the official supplier for Toyota-Indonesia.
  In 2010: Good Rich was nominated Taiwan National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award.
  In 2012: Developed ERW line 2, mainly produce smaller dimensions tube and hanger tube.
  In 2013: Start the ERW mass production of small dimensions tubes, supply the hanger tubes to Renault in Turkey.
  In 2014: Get accreditation from Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center.
Developed automatic tubes cutting machine.
  In 2015: Cooperated with Japan to develop ERW inner bead scratching technology.
  In 2018: Set up 2nd plant
  In 2019: ●Developed laser cutting machine
    ●Developed TIG on line laser cutting machine for perforated tubes.
  In 2010: Established Good Rich Taipei branch to develop/invest new business in imported food industry.
Became YOKU MOKU official distributor in Taiwan.
  In 2011: Established YOKU MOKU Taiwan image shop at Tianmu, Taipei city.
  In 2012: Established YOKU MOKU online shop.
  In 2013: Cooperated with EVA Air to supply Business Class dessert on flight from Taipei to Japan.
  In 2014: Set two new counters in Taipei leading Department stores.
  In 2015: Set up new counter in SHINKONG MISUKOSHI XINYI A4 store.
Develop “Precious Kiri Series (Wooden Gift) for Taiwan baby shower market.
  In 2016: YOKU MOKU in Taiwan 5th year anniversary and announce new series “Happy Assortment” for Taiwan wedding market.